October 23, 2018

Clickfunnels Review 2018 | Is It Worth The Price?

If you don’t know what clickfunnels is and you want to know how it can help or harm your business this blog is for you!


What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnels software that has everything you need to run an online business.

Designed by Russell Brunson the platform has reached a new level of success in the past 5 years and has created Russell millions using the platform himself!

You have more than a landing page builder, you have training and support to get you to where you want to be in your business.

The name clickfunnels says it all, with the click of a button you can create a 6 or even 7 figure funnel in minutes.

Of course, you have to learn the ropes…

However, you have a tool that was created for you to build sales funnels that used to take some people years to create!


ClickFunnels Does Work!

I was able to learn how funnels work by using the platform clickfunnels and not only sales funnels, but the importance of email marketing!


Having a mentor who makes 6 figs per year and community of people who are there when I need them to assist me in my journey, therefor I am not giving you information the wind blew by me…

I am giving you the “secrets” that the real action takers use!

SO… how can clickfunnels help grow your business?

  1. This platform is an all in one source that you have access to for your each stage in your business
  2. Having a funnel or funnels that collects leads and builds trust that will turn your leads into sales is what you must have for your business, even with a website!
  3. Building an email list on the back end to retain your customers and make sales through emails is crucial and you will not go far without it.
  4. Hosting webinars that give people FREE information they can apply themselves and see results without feeling like they have to buy from you immediately
  5. You don’t need to be a tech nerd or wiz to make this thing work

Disclaimer: by NO means am I saying you should invest in clickfunnels, I am giving an overview from my personal perspective and encourages everyone to think for themselves!


All About ClickFunnels

So here is the part where I get into why clickfunnels is great for most businesses.

What is clickfunnels all about?

Simply put, Clickfunnels is for people who are not tech savvy that want to build their own funnels or other peoples funnels for profit or no-profit purposes.

The idea is that you can easily build a sales funnel using their drag and drop editing tool and ditch your “traditional” website!

I still believe having a website is vital so I will never ditch my website, but its a great sales pitch 🙂

They have features such as analytics and shopping cart

You are able to track and target your leads by integrating your tracking codes into you pages, which is great considering most websites use cookies.

The shopping cart feature is great for people who are spending extra money on a shopify or e-commerce shopping cart, no need to spend extra money if you don’t necessarily have to.

Share Funnels Feature

So they have this amazing feature where you can share your funnels with anyone you choose and can really build a loyal audience based on this.

I have a 9 funnels that were given to me between Russel Brunson himself, my mentor Frank Hatchet and a few others!

Imagine getting a funnel that has been proven to convert and make sales? You would have enough time to do other things while you understand how funnels work!

Backpack Feature

The great part about this feature is the BackPack affiliate marketing management platform that allows you to monitor your affiliate network.

If you have your own product and service you would use this feature to track the sales made of your own product or service without paying for a separate affiliate marketing managing tool.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, check out our About page on this site.

They also have their membership feature where you can create and sell your own courses like you would on Udemy and other platforms that allow you to sell your courses.

The last feature I will touch on is what they call actionetics.

Actionetics is ClickFunnels’ email marketing tool. This is a smart piece of software that you can used to create and send automated emails.

However, if you already have an email marketing tool you can integrate it with your funnel.

Clickfunnels is an all around monster, but it does have its limits.


Who is ClickFunnels For?

If you ever wanted to start a business online or grow your business online clickfunnels is for you.

Ever heard of the 2 Comma Club? Maybe not, but it sure does sound like something worth talking about right?

So, clickfunnels has a club where the people who made 7 figures sales funnels win awards and get branded even more than they were before.

So if you want to create a 7 figure funnel and be known as a funnel expert ClickFunnels is also for you!

Who isn’t ClickFunnels for?

ClickFunnels is NOT for those who think $97-$297 a month is too expensive and could find a better alternative for building landing pages and funnels.

It is also not for anyone who thinks that this platform is perfect and they will become rich simply dragging and dropping elements to a page.

It takes work!

The bottom line is clickfunnels is for anyone who uses funnels for their business and wants to be able to do it themselves without having to learn a bunch of computer coding.


Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

ClickFunnels is worth what you make it worth, in my opinion it is worth the money, but they still need to upgrade a lot of their features if they want to remain the leading funnel software.

The other downside is how popular it has become…

You know what happens when thing or people get too popular, it usually dies very quickly and looses a lot of respect. I’m not saying this will happen, but it is possible.

Overall don’t take my word for using ClickFunnels, just use this to help you decide for yourself!





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