October 15, 2018

How to Start a Affiliate Marketing Business

This article is for my complete beginner audience in the make money online niche I am going to discuss how to start an online business with affiliate marketing with little to no investment.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is getting paid to promote someone else’s product using a special link.

If you ever heard of hotels.com, trivago, apartments.com etc, then you know major companies who make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the BEST business model to start in my opinion because all you are doing is sending traffic to an offer and getting paid.

Once you create your own strategy to get the traffic then you can monetize and optimize your content to scale your business to levels you would’nt believe

If you want to get started today there are 3 steps you take.

  1. Choose a offer to promote
  2. Build a funnel or website
  3. Get traffic to your site

Now of course you need content and not just any type of content, but content that people are looking for in order for them to buy from your affiliate link.

This is not a get-rich-quick method!

In order to have an offer to promote you need to find an affiliate network or program

The overwhelming thing about affiliate marketing is, there are so many programs that offer to pay you to promote their products, but I am only able to give specifics on the ones I am familiar with.

In the future I will have more information about other programs…

This example is of one affiliate program that pays you to promote their business and this program pays you every month for each sign up who is a premium member!

I give thorough review of this program on my website, check out my blog Wealthy Affiliate Review and feel free to leave a comment!

Now… I am not yet working full time online and want to be as transparent as I can be with my content, but I do have a mentor who is crushing it online and has been for years now.

Here’s a screenshot of what my mentor Franklin made with another affiliate program called ClickFunnels

If you want the scoop on how he makes these massive payouts DAILY check out my FREE 4 day training on how he makes a killing with affiliate marketing!

This photo is of some very small commissions from a CPA network…

NO this is not an accounting network.

This is a sub affiliate network that allows its publishers to get paid for simple task like email submits, trial offers, surveys etc.

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action, it simply means you get paid for any action a lead makes(not every action will lead to a payment for each product).

Most affiliate programs are free and easy to sign up for, but CPA networks are much harder to get in if have no prior experience.

The best thing to do at first is Google “the best affiliate programs for beginners in 20__” and “the best affiliate products to promote for beginners in 20__”. If you’re reading this, years after I wrote it that’s why I left the year blank ????

Promote Affiliate Products Using a Website Or Funnel

OK so…

To make money in affiliate marketing you have to advertise your offer and that means you need a sales funnel or website!

I am going to touch a bit on both and the difference between each one, but you have to understand that this is a long term process and you will not see immediate results, OK?

Let’s move on…

Back when I started CPA marketing you had people just posting affiliate links all over the place, really making affiliate marketing look spammy and leaving bad tastes in people’s mouth when they heard the term “affiliate/cpa marketing”.

Now in order to promote affiliate/cpa products we need a website or sales funnel unless we are using some paid traffic sources like Bing Ads.

That’s another topic.

In regard to free advertising we have to take a more sophisticated approach and use our creative mind.

The first step is our website, even if though I want to master building sales funnels I also want to have a website that I own to generate me money all day every day.

Think of a website as the equivalent to a brick & mortar store front. You store is your property and you have to keep business coming in or you’ll go out of business faster than you started.

However, once you understand the key principles of a success website you will be on your way to passive income island.

Since you are super cool and deserve to win in life I want to offer you 2 free websites with training on how to make your website profitable.

What about sales funnels ????

Well, a sales funnel is the buying process that companies or people lead customers through when purchasing products.

Don’t fret I have an illustration below…

Honestly speaking I am still learning about sales funnels and the exact difference between them and a website.

So far, I know that a website has a menu with pages that you can choose to view at any time and are usually always easy to find at the top of the site.

However, funnels have a one way in one way out structure, meaning you can only make one action per page and then you will be able to see what the other pages have to offer.

I use a software that teaches me how to build sales funnels easy without being tech savvy, you can try it free for 14 days here.

As I gain more knowledge I will continue to update this blog and show you all my progress.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website for FREE

So you have a site or a funnel, now you need to advertise and get your offer in front of people already looking to buy your product.

You only have two ways to advertise online

  1. Organically
  2. Paid

Organic traffic is a fancy term for free traffic.

Organic traffic is great, but paid traffic is the faster way to get leads and potential sales.

However, I am going to go over free traffic methods specifically because its what beginners always ask for and is good to start out with when you have a small budget.

You can get free traffic a number of ways, but for the sake of time I will touch on a just a few.

My main free traffic sources are:

  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

These three are gold for free traffic however they aren’t the last resort.

I will briefly touch on these sources in this post, but I will have a blog dedicated to free traffic and ALL the methods I know about along with detailed strategies on how I use my main sources.

When building out your website you want to get good at writing blogs.

Blogging is the eldest brother out of the three and is still doing his thing as long as he is relevant. You can write a blog, but if it isn’t updated it will lose you money.

So stay relevant…

When it comes to blogs you want to have basic copywriting skills if not, great copywriting skills!

You should really consider copywriting as you can use that skill for freelance purposes and make an extra buck or thousand on the side.

Then you have the great YouTube…

YouTube is the middle child that is the star actually the star out of the three, but his time to completely shine is unnoticed yet still used.

Video is the future and everyone will be watching videos more than they read, we already see this today so imagine years from now!

In fact YouTube is the SECOND largest search engine in the WORLD ????

Their only competition are their owners GOOGLE.

The irony…

But, don’t worry if you don’t like to show your face that’s OK… because it isn’t necessary as long as your videos are honest, targeted, and valuable you will be fine with just talking and sharing your computer screen.

With that being said I leave my fav and baby out of the siblings!


I am going to be biased about this one because I use it the most, but it really is great for organic traffic.

Now IG is special because they are mainly pictures, videos, and some words here and there. So it’s blogging and YouTube all in one.

The biggest thing to understand about getting targeted traffic using Instagram are hashtags.

Then once your page goes viral than you can use less, but initially you want to use all the hashtags they’ll allow in each post(30 per post) and be creative with your captions

You want your profile to be appealing to your audience, making them want more of your content.

However, you have to stay within Instagram’s guidelines or your account will be shadow banned and you have to start all over!

So these are my TOP free traffic methods, I am currently creating a strategy that I can share with you all so stay tuned and continue to be amazing!



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